Past Events

Events from 2013-2014

On Wednesday 25th September 2013, Prof Helen Rees (UCLA) gave a talk entitled ‘Ritual and Music in Southwest China: Five Hundred Years of the Dongjing Associations’.

On Saturday 7th September 2013, the academic team and artistic consultants offered a symposium based on work from the AHRC funded project ‘A Cultural History of Southall’.

Events from 2012-2013

On Friday 23rd November 2012, a roundtable was held to discuss the controversy of the RSC’s casting of The Orphan of Zhao. Entitled ‘Interculturalism, universality and the right to representation in the RSC’s The Orphan of Zhao’, a video of the discussion can be found here: part 1 and part 2.

On Friday 31st August 2012, Prof. Richard Emmert gave a talk called ‘The World of Japanese Classical Noh – A Social View’ at The Japan Foundation, London. A summary of the talk can be found here.

Events from 2011-12

On the 27th June 2012, Dr. Anna Morcom, Department of Music, Royal Holloway University of London, discussed female and transgendered performers in India and Pakistan, pointing out how colonial discourses remain astonishingly pervasive in banning them. A summary of her talk can be found here.

In his talk on 25th May 2012, Prof. Davesh Soneji, McGill University, highlighted how the performance practices of the ‘devadasi’ are loaded with constructions and iterations of historical, national, and gender identity narratives.

Carol Fischer Sorgenfrei offered a paper on the representations of Korea in Japanese theatre on Thursday 1st December 2011. This talk was co-organised with The Japan Foundation. A summary of the talk can be found here.

Tay Tong participated in a discussion with Dr. Amanda Rogers (RHUL) and Dr. Shzree Tan (RHUL) on 30 November 2011.

Daphne Lei presented a talk at the C4CC entitled “Ganga! Predicament and Opportunity for Innovating Chinese Opera in the New Millennium” on 26 September 2011. You can read a summary of the talk here.

Events from 2010-11

During June 2010-July 2011 the Asian Performing Arts Forum held five talks by visiting speakers and a roundtable at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) on Acton Street, London, one talk at the Khalil Lecture Theatre at SOAS, a book launch at the Nehru Centre, and an international conference.

The International Conference on Performing Arts in Contemporary Asia: Tradition and Travel was held at the Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London on 6-9 July 2011. The conference was co-sponsored with CHIME, the European Foundation for Chinese Music.

Swapnasundari launched her book Vilasini Natyam: Bharatam Of Telugu Temple And Court Dancer (2010) at the Nehru Centre in London on 20 June. The launch, which included a film, talk and discussion, was co-sponsored with  the Nehru Centre, Milapfest, Akademi, Pulse Magazine and Arth Dance Company. Click here for details.

Andrew Killick presented a talk at the C4CC on 10 June on ch’angguk on the occasion of the book launch of his monograph In Search of Traditional Korean Opera. Click here for a summary.

Jonah Salz presented a talk on the ancient technologies of Noh theatre and contemporary developments in this Japanese tradition at the C4CC on 23 May; a summary can be read here.

Matthew Isaac Cohen, Laura Noszlopy, Felicia Hughes-Freeland and Ashley Thompson offered a Roundtable on Contemporary Southeast Asian Performance at C4CC on 27 February 2011. Please click here for a summary.

Eddin Khoo, Malaysia cultural activist and director of Pusaka, offered a talk at C4CC on 5 December 2010 titled ‘So Much Noise, Yet Nothing: Tradition, Invention and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Malaysia.’ Click here for a summary.

Peter Sellars, theatre, opera and festival director, and professor in World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, offered a presentation titled ‘Asia on the World Stage’ on 10 November 2010. This talk was co-sponsored by the SOAS Departments of Chinese Studies and Music. Click here for a summary.

Dr Mallika Sarabhai, co-director of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, addressed the forum in a talk titled ‘Arts for Change: Taking the Arts to Centre Stage’ on 17 July 2010. This talk was co-sponsored by Akademi South Asian Dance UK. Please click here for a summary.

Joseph Houseal, Director of Core of Culture Dance Preservation,  offered a wide-ranging presentation titled “The Untold History of Dance from the Dawn of Time until Right Now” on 28 June 2010. A summary of this talk can be found here.

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  1. sandra reeve says:

    This sounds so fascinating. I wish I could have been there. Where could I find the set of DVD’s: A Day of Rare Buddhist Dances ?

    My own research identifies movement as primary to human expression. I maintain that movement precedes and underpins cognition, language and creative art.

    My thesis then identifies four key movement dynamics: active and passive, proportion, transition/position and point, line and angle.
    As I see it, these dynamics inform all movement and all analysis of movement.

    I investigate these dynamics in relation to Amerta Movement, (Suprapto Suryodarmo, Solo, Java) and Satipatthāna, (the Buddha’s Way of Mindfulness), through practical projects, primarily workshops and performance.

    More information is available at

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