Tay Tong: Crossroads and Intersections

Crossroads and Intersections: The TheatreWorks Experienceby Tay Tong (Singapore/ TheatreWorks) in conversation with AmandaRogers (RHUL) and Shzr Ee Tan (RHUL)

Wednesday Nov 30, 6  – 8 pm, Centre for Creative Collaboration (16 Acton St -
nearest tube King’s Cross)

About the speaker:

Tay Tong has been with Theatreworks (Singapore) since 1989 and was appointed its Managing Director in 1999.  In this capacity, his work is multi-fold : from managing local and international programmes, to the administration of day-to-day operations of Theatreworks and 72-13 (its space), to fundraising,  to developing potential business streams.

Tay has produced over 150 productions as well as performance festivals both nationally and internationally for the company and other arts institutions in Europe. TheatreWorks presents innovative and provocative productions that  cuts across disciplines and cultures, encompassing both classical/traditional and contemporary expressions.
It distinguishes itself by encouraging creative partnerships and artistic risk-taking, pushing beyond the boundaries of one’s artistic and cultural comfort zone.  It embraces and projects the multiple realities of Asia. Theatreworks is dedicated to the development of contemporary arts in Asia and to the evolution of an identity through a culture of difference.

In Asia, Tay has worked intensively in brokering greater intra-Asia dialogues and exchanges through the Arts Network Asia or ANA, which was set up in 1999.  Tay is currently the Director of  ANA. It networks individuals and groups through residencies and projects, to develop local creative communities in Asia. This year, the ANA in partnership with the Asia-Europe Foundation established Creative Encounters, a grant programme that connects Asian and European artists.

Tay has also been producing and running Flying Circus Project, a multi-disciplinary and trans-cultural, long-term research and developmental programme since its inception in 1996. Between 2002 and 2009, Tay Tong has managed and directed Theatreworks’ Continuum Asia Project (CAP)  in Luang Prabang, doing capacity building work, including reviving the Laotian Pharak Phalam, a traditional dance-drama form, with masters and young artists; as well as people-to-people exchanges especially among the Laotian youths and Asian youths.

For reference : www.theatreworks.org.sg / www.72-13.com /

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